Black and white mode

Did anything ever come of the MPL black and white mode mentioned in
the following? I rarely want to produce colour plots and having an
inbuilt mechanism for cycling through line styles that can be
activated with a keyword argument would be very handy.


Will: If you're just interested in grayscale plotting, here's a direct
link to the example:


The discussion that you link to talks specifically about line styles. In
the past there's been discussion of adding a linestyle cycle rc param,
but I don't think there's been progress on that front.

Ben, Tony: thanks for the info. mpltools is new to me, very much like the
idea of being able to enable stylesheets for specific plots.

+1 for linestyle cycling. I've been impressed with Sigmaplot's default
choices of line styles when producing B&W figures and would love it if
such behaviour were easily accessible in MPL.




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