Binary Matplotlib package

Hi all, I think I've successfully build a binary matplotlib

    > package for use with Apple's Python on OS-X 10.3.* In
    > theory the only other thing it requires is Numeric, and I
    > have a package for that too (courtesy of Bob Ippolito).

    > It's almost 5 MB, so I haven't included it here. I also
    > don't have a web site to put it on at the moment, so:

    > A) if you send me a note, I'll send it to you B) if you
    > have a place to host it, please volunteer to do so.

    > I'd like people to test it out, all I know now is that it
    > works on my system.

    > Once it's been better tested, perhaps we can get it put on
    > the sourceforge download page.

High Chris,

Thanks for doing this. Are either the GTK or Tk GUI backends compiled
in. If not, wx* will still work on boxes that have wxpython
installed, but it would be a good idea to summarize what is available
in the package.