Better pyplot wrappers

Andrew Straw <strawman@...36...> writes:

Anyhow, now that I've pushed up a more recent master, assuming you want
to apply your work onto that, you could either rebase your commits onto
the master -- thus ignoring the true historical state you developed them
against -- or merge the master branch -- causing the history to be more
complicated, as it's no longer linear.

I opted for the merge, since all the git documentation I have read seems
to frown on rebasing anything that has been published. Besides, dealing
with non-linear history in this relatively simple case is probably good
practice for us git newbies.

By the way, would it have been possible for me to use git-svn on my own
repository, update it from the official svn and then have everything
work out right once you updated your repository? I suppose that should
be possible if git-svn guarantees that every one of its users gets the
exact same trees for every svn commit, but perhaps even then it would
not show up as a proper merge in git.


Jouni K. Sepp�nen