"batch" plots

... I'm not sure why I'd want to use gtk instead of

    > wx anyhow, given the choice.

No compelling reason. The GTK backend was the first and probably the
most stable for that reason. This is the first release with the wx
backend, so there are likely some bugs lurking that will have to be
found and stamped out.

    > I'm trying to keep my plotting in a separate module
    > from everything else, so that I don't have to make
    > changes all over the place when I change my plotting
    > code. For example, plot_histogram() can be called
    > from any other module without knowing how the plot is
    > implemented. If I have to call show() from each
    > module that uses the plotting module, it will start
    > to get messy. Outside of the Plot module, the rest of
    > my code shouldn't have to know anything about
    > matplotlib. So, I'd like to be able to gererate and
    > save a plot, then move on to the next piece of
    > code. I'm trying to use your package in place of
    > scipy, which is what I have been using to generate
    > plots up until now; hopefully I can make it work.

Would you like this to run 'offline' so that no windows pop up as you
create the figures, or is it enough simply that you can create them
one at a time in batch mode with the plot functionality encapsulated?

I just installed wxpython and matplotlib on OS X, so I'll have a
chance to delve into this issue a bit....

John Hunter