Basemap questions

Michael Hearne wrote:

Thanks for the reponses so far, but I lied. I have more questions :slight_smile:

1) How do I get drawmeridians() and drawparallels() to draw solid (i.e., not dashed) lines? setting linestyle='-' does not seem to work.

Mike: From the docstring:

"dashes - dash pattern for parallels (default [1,1], i.e. 1 pixel on, 1 pixel off)."

So use dashes=[1,0] to get solid lines.

2) What are appropriate values for the xoffset and yoffset keyword parameters for the above functions? I've tried several values, even altering them by a few orders of magnitude, and I can't see any difference.

"xoffset - label offset from edge of map in x-direction
  (default is 0.01 times width of map in map projection coordinates).
yoffset - label offset from edge of map in y-direction
  (default is 0.01 times height of map in map projection coordinates)."

So, the default is 0.01*(m.xmax-m.xmin). Making it 0.1*(m.xmax-m.xmin) makes the labels much farther out for me.



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