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Tim Leslie <timl@...505...> writes:

Tim Leslie wrote:

>Hi all,
>I use matplotlib for looking at EEG (brainwave) data and I was looking for
>a good way to do headmap plots of various things. I was wondering if
>anyone has done this before. The basemap toolkit looks like it's done a
>lot of the hard work, so I was planning on hacking on that to get it to do
>what I need but I figured I should check here first to see that I'm not
>reinventing a wheel that someone might have lying around. John, I know
>you've done EEG stuff, any pointers?
>Tim Leslie
What's a headma?

A headmap is visualisation where you plot certain values such as signal
power over the scalp. When you do an EEG recording you're often interested
in how certain values vary with location across the head and a headmap is
a way to view this.

If you think of the head as a perfect sphere, then I'd like to plot values
at certain locations in the same way that using the basemap toolkit you
can plot values of say, temperature, at different locations on the earth.

You might also want to have a look at Christopher James' topogs for matlab


If you have matlab than rather than porting topogs you could just easily use
it access it from python through mlabwrap (<>)
-- as I did myself. Of course it would be even nicer to have somthing like it
available in plain python.



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