Basemap<->GDAL library dependency (hell)?

Dear basemap team!

(I hope this is the right list for posting basemap problems? I reported the problem to the EPD list, but they don’t have the capacity to test it due to the lack of GDAL installations)

There’s a fatal (as in crashing Python) library dependency in relation�

with current gdal modules on the Mac. I’m using Kyngchaos’ latest�

frameworks for GDAL (1.8.0)

Testcode: from Enthought/Examples/basemap-1.0/ (latest EPD)

This file starts with:

from osgeo import gdal, ogr

from mpl_toolkits.basemap import Basemap, cm

and when I run it like that, Python crashes with this:

Assertion failed: (0), function query, file AbstractSTRtree.cpp, line 286.

Program terminated by uncaught signal #6 after 6.80 seconds (running�

via Textmate, but same thing in ipython)

Because in the past I had some incompatibilities due to different numpy�

versions, which thanks Newton don’t exist anymore (or do they?), I was trying around�

with the import sequences and found when I inverse these 2 like this:

from mpl_toolkits.basemap import Basemap, cm

from osgeo import gdal, ogr

the file runs perfectly.

I puth the crash report here, in case it helps:

Best regards,