Basemap datum assumption

Hello all,

I have a quick question regarding the datum assumption when entering

lon/lat data into a Basemap object.

My understanding is that Basemap will use the datum specified upon

creation, the default being a sphere of radius 6,370,997 meters and
assume that the lon, lat entered in a call follows the same
convention. Then, if you have lon lat which uses a different datum
to the projection of the basemap you must convert this to lon/lat in
the correct datum before then converting to projection coordinates
using the basemap object. Is that correct?

Assuming my understanding above is correct, I don't feel that this

process is made clear in the documentation for basemap and I’m sure
many make the mistake of thinking of lon/lat as an absolute across
all geodetic standards. I know ignorance is not an excuse, but it
might be nice if people got a more explicit warning to take care
with their inputs.

For reference, I found this blog which describes the datum mistake


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