Basemap - bluemarble doesn't map to zommed in orthographic projection


I’m new to this list (but not matplotlib and basemap), and am not sure if this is the place to post basemap questions. I apologise if I have erred.

I’m reporting an issue whereby if I try to plot a zoomed in orthographic projection with a bluemarble (or etopo or shaded relief) background, the background remains “global,” though it’s oriented to the correct location, not mapping to the zoomed projection coordinates. I am pasting in a simple demo code that illustrates the behaviour. If you use the lcc projection, all works fine, and if you use a “non-zoomed” ortho projection, the background maps correctly.

It seems that there is something preventing the background from mapping into anything but a “complete-domain” ortho projection. I’m not a great map person, and I realise I may be missing the boat on the way I’m trying to zoom my ortho projection, but I’m not sure.

Am I screwing up, or is it a bug?

Thank you,

Don Morton



import mpl_toolkits.basemap as bm

import matplotlib.pyplot as plt

import numpy as np

Define a lambert conformal over northwest United States

With this projection (centered on Montana, and zoomed in),

the background image does map to the zoomed in projection


theMap = bm.Basemap(projection=‘lcc’,

lat_0=47, lat_1=30, lat_2=60, lon_0=-115,

llcrnrlat=43, llcrnrlon=-128,

urcrnrlat=55, urcrnrlon=-105,

resolution=‘i’, area_thresh=1000)


With this projection (centered on Vienna, and zoomed in),

the background image doesn’t map to the zoomed in projection

theMap = bm.Basemap(projection=‘ortho’,

lat_0=48.2, lon_0=16.4,

llcrnry=-1000000.0, llcrnrx=-1000000.0,

urcrnry=1000000.0, urcrnrx=1000000.0,

resolution=‘l’, area_thresh=1000)






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