Basemap 0.9.9 ImportError

Ryan May wrote:

Ryan: Nothing comes immediately to mind - unless something went wrong with your build. Could you rebuild basemap and send me the a log of the build off-list?



Ryan: Are you installing from source yourself, or building a patched version provided the Gentoo packaging system?

I suspect the latter, since I see

>> Unpacking basemap-0.9.9.tar.gz to /var/tmp/portage/dev-python/basemap-0.9.9/work
e[32;01m*e[0m Applying basemap-0.9.9-syslib.patch ...

at the beginning of the log. Then later, the system proj4 lib (in /usr/lib64) is linked instead of the proj4 included in basemap. This won't work, since the version of proj4 that I use includes some patches not in the released version. Bottom line - the Gentoo basemap package is broken.

If you build it manually, outside the Gentoo packaging system, I'm betting it will work fine.

A Gentoo bug report might be in order, if you feel like submitting one.



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