barh vs. bar(orientation='horizontal')

"John Hunter" <jdh2358@...149...> writes:

The call signature in the docstring should certainly be changed to
match the new signature.

Ok. I synced the docstrings of bar and barh.

Also, take a look at the kwdocd stuff we have to see if you can make
that work for the keyword args.

It was already being used for Rectangle properties in the bar
docstring, so I made the barh docstring use it as well. We could
separate some of the shared documentation of bar and barh into a
constant substituted into both docstrings, I'm not sure if it would be
a net win.

Another bug related to bar and barh is #1200213:

There are really three problems listed: that bar and barh have
different defaults for what is now the align argument; that the first
two arguments to barh were in illogical order; and that bar has the
yerr argument before xerr.

According to the discussion about the first problem, barh used to
interpret the y coordinates as the centers of the bars, not the edges,
which is not true today, as both bar and barh default to align='edge'.
It seems that this was eventually resolved in a direction opposite to
that suggested in the discussion at that time.

The second problem seems to have been fixed, and I'm not convinced
that the third one is really a problem. I suppose the bug could be


Jouni K. Sepp�nen