Bar charts with dates as X axis?

Hello, I am trying to construct a plot that is a barchart

    > with the X-axis being dates. I have used the plot_dates
    > to generated line plots that look great, however, other
    > than turning the dates into integers myself I cannot
    > figure out a way to do a barchart with dates as the
    > Xaxis.

    > Has anyone done one of these - I am using the wxPython
    > backend, if that matters.

I suggest you use integer (epoch) dates on the x axis of the bar as
provided by a datetime converter (see and then use
one of the many matplotlib datetime tick locators and formatters which
know how to format these epoch dates. With any axes, you can set a
custom tick locator and/or formatter. This is, in fact, what
plot_date does; see also and see the
examples (from http// or in the matplotlib
src distribution in the examples subdir)

and take a look at the src code of the plot_date function in
matplotlib/ for an example of using date tickers and

Sorry I can't be of more help right now but I'm short on time; perhaps
someone else can provide a concrete example.