Background basemaps in Basemap

Result with coastlines overlay attached!

Here is attachment

Hm, image needs to be approved by moderator...

Here is a link to it:

Well it seems ArcGIS web-services can't be bitten in public place.

Google and Bing static maps have many limitations:
- require account for providing key
- draw logos on image
- limited size: Bing basic account can return max 900x834 and Google
1280x1280 (while ArcGIS 2048x2048)
- Google static maps has max 25K requests per day per application and
not per IP
- Bing static map doesn't return requested exact coordinates, and I
can't see parameter that can define returned image SR (haven't checked

I'll have a look tomorrow at Nokia (img size limit 2048x2048), but
considering OWSLib and providing arcgis webservice function to Basemap
class seems fine.
Also just reusing some of OWSLib solution for map services doesn't
seem like bad idea - nothing is required except Python builtin XML