I just committed a change to that allows running a
subset of all tests by directory. In the process I changed the command
line parsing to use OptionParser, but I tried to keep it reasonably
backward compatible. Here are the options the script now takes:

  -h, --help show this help message and exit
  -d DIRS, --dirs=DIRS, --directories=DIRS
                        Run only the tests in these directories; comma-
                        separated list of one or more of: pylab (or
                        pylab_examples), api, units, mplot3d
  -b BACKENDS, --backends=BACKENDS
                        Run tests only for these backends; comma-separated
                        list of one or more of: agg, ps, svg, pdf, template,
                        cairo, cairo.png,, cairo.pdf, cairo.svg.
                        Default is everything except cairo.
  --clean Remove result directories, run no tests
  -c, --coverage Run in
  -v, --valgrind Run in valgrind

In addition to the list of backends given via the -b and --backends
options, any extra arguments are added to the list of backends, or
interpreted as switches to pass to the subprocess that runs each test.


Jouni K. Sepp�nen