Backend Control


I have some problem with the backend controls. Well to be perfectly honest I don't know if they are able to do what I want from them. As far as I understand the pylab package helps me create plots (and the windows from the different backends) without me having to write my own wxpython, gtk, qt, ..... application. The matplotlib package provides the plot functions and also has the backend interfaces, etc.

In my opinion a "function" called with the same argument twice should always give the same result. That doesnt happen in matplotlib/pylab (probably more pylab). If I plot something with pylab.plot and then the first time. The python interpreter halts and waits until the function show is done(me clicking quit in the window). The second time however it somehow calls the function show in the background but does not wait until the execution of show is finished. I don't know what has changed since the first time and if there are generic control features for different backends. Do I have to write my own wx application to get more control over the window or are there some features present already.

It could well be that my view of the matter is wrong and that I misunderstand somethings.

Please advise

Alan Isaac


On Wed, 2 Apr 2008, Wolfgang Kerzendorf wrote:

If I plot something with pylab.plot and then the first time.