backend_bases.MouseEvent / event.inaxes or ? for new figure from a subplot

I am trying to generate a separate, large plot, from a click on a single smaller subplot that is one of 8 plots in a figure I generate. I am generating the 8 plots fine and can “capture” event.inaxes and/or event.canvas instances but they only refer to a location. How do I use this location (or something else) to replot the information from the physically small sized subplot to a larger plot that I want the user to be able to see?

Other constraints/issues:

  • I did see a discussion thread on using keys and “f” for a full screen view of??. However, the start of the thread was not clear to me and I was not sure how to get started. Is there an example or method that I can use that would give me such a full screen view from a subplot using “f”? This probably serves my purposes.

  • I am a newbie to python and have a mix of OO code with classes and older procedural code (from my Fortran days). I am still adjusting to how to create classes and use them effectively so if this is the solution path, I may need more specifics than normal.

  • I prefer to use version 0.90 because of a “new” issues with .91.1 and py2exe I am trying to work out/understand.


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