AxisMenu in backend_tkagg


I am preparing the Tkinter implementation of my MultiFigureManager

In backend_tkagg there is AxisMenu
Looking throught all the matplotlib code I do not see any place where
this is used, not even an example
Is this something that we want to keep around? does somebody use it?

Just as a reminder to get feedback on the multifigure-manager



Y yo que culpa tengo de que ellas se crean todo lo que yo les digo?

-- Antonio Alducin --

Using git blame, I can see that the AxisMenu class was last touched by John Hunter back in 2004, during a massive restructuring of the code-base. It looks like at that time, there were only 3 interactive backends: Gtk, Wx and TkAgg. Maybe someone with a much longer history than I could chime in on the purpose of this class.