axis labeling currently broken?

OK, you were right. That was easy :slight_smile:

title is an axes command


implicitly makes a call to gca(), which creates subplot(111) by
default. Move the title command to below the first subplot call and
your problem will be fixed.

matlab handles this situation on calls to subplot by deleting other
subplots that overlap the one just generated. This would probably be
the most user friendly way to do it -- you could still make
overlapping Axes by either using the axes command or the
fig.add_subplot command, but perhaps in the pylab interface we should
help out by doing the thing that is right 99% of the time. With the
philosophy that if you truly want overlapping axes, you're enough of a
guru to use axes to get it. Rarely would you intentionally generate
overlapping axes with the subplot command, because it doesn't offer
enough precision.

BTW, see examples/ for an example of how to create a figure
title, as opposed to an axes title.


Hello John,

thanks a lot for your help!!!
The maths still does not work, but mathplotlib plots my
non-working datasets now in a beautiful way. I updated
my file at

if you are curious.

I would be very happy to provide something similar as an example. My
data is not proprietary but huge. Let me see whether I can come up
with a picture that does not require the full data-set but looks

All the best,