Axis label formatting using FuncFormatter, any example?

Hi, Does anyone know how to use FuncFormatter class to

    > translate the tick labels using a user defined function?

    > I have on my xaxis the code of my weather stations and I
    > have defined a function to replace them with their
    > station names. The function uses just a dictionary.

    > When I tried to apply "FuncFormatter(func)" it didn't
    > work.

    > No results found searching for examples or recipes :frowning:

grep -l FuncFormatter examples/*.py


#!/usr/bin/env python
from matplotlib.ticker import FuncFormatter
from pylab import *

x = arange(4)
money = [1.5e5, 2.5e6, 5.5e6, 2.0e7]

def millions(x, pos):
    'The two args are the value and tick position'
    return '$%1.1fM' % (x*1e-6)

formatter = FuncFormatter(millions)

ax = subplot(111)
bar(x, money)
xticks( x + 0.5, ('Bill', 'Fred', 'Mary', 'Sue') )