axes.set_xticklabels bug?

John Hunter <jdhunter@...4...> writes:

    > simple pylab script: a = axes() a.set_xticklabels(['a',
    > 'b', 'c']) show()

    > TypeError: list indices must be integers

Did someone fix this? I can't replicate it.

I had similar problems with an earlier CVS version (using WXAgg), but
a recent cvs update command fixed it. Perhaps the problem has been
masked instead of fixed, since pylab fails to show the x coordinate of
the mouse pointer when I move it around. That is, the text in the
bottom right panel is something like "x=, y=3.5016e-1". It seems that
the code that caused the exception is related to computing these


Jouni K Sepp�nen