Axes on top of graphs

Hi, sorry about my previous e-mail. I have now tried

    > the same with 0.85. The tick marks are now by default

Yep, the axisbelow property was just added in 0.85 and this controls
whether the ticks and grid lines are drawn above or below your data

    > on top of the data graphs while the axes lines (please
    > correct my vocabulary usage here, axes lines = figure
    > frame?) are still below.

I see the source of our previous confusion -- matplotlib has a figure
patch and an axes patch. The figure patch controls the backgroud of
the entire figure canvas and the frame of this borders your window or
paper. The axes patch is the thing surrounding the subplot/axes (eg
the white area where your data are). I think in your previous emails
when you referred to the "figure frame" you meant the axes frame. In
which case you would use subplot(111, frameon=False)

    > To get the figure frame drawn on top of everything, one
    > has to modify axes.draw. Namely, one adds to

    > these 4 lines:

    > if self.axison: if self._frameon:
    > self.axesPatch.set_fill(False)
    > self.axesPatch.draw(renderer)

So basically, you want a second draw of the axespatch edge over the
ticks. Could you post a script w/o these changes that shows the
undesirable effect, so I can see better what the problem is. I worry
that doing two draws of the axes patch, one w/ the fill first and one
w/o the fill later will screw up the alpha channel of the edgecolor of
the axes patch. Albeit a corner case.