Autogenerated docstrings, pyplot, and Windows code completion

Hey folks,

While I’m primarily a Vim/Sublime Text kind of guy, my employer provides me with a Windows machine with Visual Studio and whatnot. So I’ve been giving PTVS a shot ( Seems perfectly nice so far.

But the point is that I just wanted the dev team to know that they’ve got an open ticket about their Intellisense/code completion with the pyplot module:

Basic summary is the autogenerated docstrings maybe the culprit.

I’m not suggesting any wholesale changes to MPL to accommodate this. It just seemed like something y’all might want to know about in case any big decisions in that area come up.

Note: that in my experience, you get good code completion and tooltips when working directly with axes objects. So maybe that’s all the more reason to push users away from pyplot?

Cheers and as always, many thanks for the great tools!