array bug

lines 1123 - 1126 in should be changed at c = C[i,j]

    > to the following. As it now stands a floating point number
    > from a numeric array will generally register as type array
    > rather than type float and be rejected as not iterable when
    > later tested.

    > for i in range(Nx-1): for j in range(Ny-1):

    > c = C[i][j]

Sorry to be dense, but even after your detailed explanation I don't
really understand why you are getting an error.

  * Are you passing a numerix array of floats for C? If so C[i,j]
    should return the float we want

  * What do you mean will be "rejected as not iterable when later
    tested"? I don't see any tests for iterable in poclor.

  * What is it you are doing differently that causes pcolor to fail
    for you but not for the other uses, eg in

If you could give me a little more information to clear up these
questions that would be helpful. Also, if you could post the
traceback you are getting that might help.

John Hunter