append to or concatenate PathCollection objects?


I'm wondering if there is some straightforward way to combine two
PathCollection objects to create a new PathCollection object. My goal
is to include two points that use different axes (one twin'ed to the
other) into a single legend item (different point types, same label).
Each call to scatter creates a new PathCollection object. If I could
just combine two (or more) PathCollection objects -- either extending
them or concatenating or whatever -- then I could give that to legend
and it would work correctly. But it's not clear to me how I can do
that. I tried providing the two objects as a tuple to legend, but it
doesn't work (only point characteristics of one of them is used).

Really, I think this should be easier -- both the combining of such
objects (which after all, are collections) and providing legend with
simple arguments to produce what you want. As far as I can tell I can't
just tell leged directly the symbol type(s) and colors of point(s) per
each label. Though in general the automatic method whereby you provide
the object to the legend is nice and easy, a more crude and direct way
would be a good option for special cases.



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