Any fix for wxAgg on Mac?

I am guessing our versions are pretty much the same. All the latest
numerical modules, no gtk, etc. I don't think we need to worry about
dependencies. Windows and linux doesn't technically run out of the
box either. They are required to get the correct deps.


On 11/9/06, Russell E Owen <rowen@...529...> wrote:

At 10:18 AM -0800 2006-11-09, Christopher Barker wrote:
>Russell and Charlie,
>Are your two binaries any different? Any reason to choose one over
>the other? In particular, which of these are supported:
>numpy 1.*
>wx (which version?)

My binary supports:
- numpy 1.0 (the default), Numeric and numarray
- TkAgg using the built in Tcl/Tk or a user-added Tcl/Tk 8.4.x
- WXAgg using wxPython 2.6
  (I just realized this is the default, which is bad because it's not built in)

It does not support GTK or Qt.

Unfortunately it requires the user to:
- Install one or more numeric packages
- Set up a matploblibrc file unless they want to use numpy and WXAgg
so it includes a ReadMe.txt file telling the user what to do.

It would be better if matplotlib "just ran" out of the box. I'm not
sure the best way to do this. Some possibilities are:
- Include numpy in the matplotlib package and have the default
matplotlibrc file use that. One would have to be careful about how to
handle an existing numpy (if any), and I really don't know how to do
that. Naive users would probably appreciate matplotlib using its own
version and ignoring any built in (and possibly incompatible)
version, but that sounds like a nightmare for more experienced users.

- Run a post-install script that modifies the default matploblibrc
file by looking for installed numeric packages and picking one as the
default for numerix. It could warn the user if no compatible numeric
package was found. This is clearly less friendly than the first
option, but doesn't bring up the issue of conflicting with a
user-installed numpy.

- Some combination whereby a post-install script installs numpy 1.0
if no numpy is found and bitches loudly if a too-old version is found.

Any ideas on this? Charlie: does your version already handle this somehow?

If we use my package then I should submit a new version that has
TkAgg as its default.