Any fix for wxAgg on Mac?

Russell E Owen wrote:

Thanks! That should be enough info to go on.

Let us know how it works out -- or use the packages recently posted on

I'm surprised, though. I know /usr/local/bin is on my path before /usr/bin and I thought /Library/Frameworks/Python.../bin was before either of them, but maybe not.

I'm not sure where wxPython puts its wx-config, but it's probably not /Library/Frameworks/Python.../bin. Maybe it should be.

Have you tried to have two wxPythons installed at the same for Python 2.4 and one for Python 2.5? I'm just now switching over and am reluctant to ditch all my python 2.4 stuff quite yet, but wxPython installs a pile of stuff and I'm afraid of conflicts.

That should be no problem at all. In fact, having multiple wxPythons in one version of Python works fine too.



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