Another go at tables.

See attached. now has dataTable which does the

    > autogenerating of tables given cells, rows and column stuff
    > and tries to do sensible things if only a subset is actually
    > supplied.

    > is an example of dataTable in action.

    > I've included the latest version of 'cos I think
    > I've added more to that in the last 24 hours as well.

I made a two minor changes

* dataTable is renamed to data_table to be consistent with matplotlib
   function naming.

* I moved Cell into and removed

If I could impose on you one more time. I would like to add a table
screenshot to the web page. Something along the lines of the first
table example you sent (with the stacked bar chart) but using
data_table to build the table. The code should be as simple as
possible since we want to emphasize the ease of use. Do you have some
data you can use to make a table that can be displayed on the web? I
have a data dir in the examples dir that I use to distribute data.

    > re: including this in the next release, that would be
    > excellent.

Great -- it's in CVS. I took the liberty of adding

  Author : John Gill <jng@...25...>
  Copyright : 2004 John Gill and John Hunter
  License : matplotlib license

Thanks a lot - this is a great addition.