Annotation Toolbar


I believe it is not currently possible to change the toolbar in a
backend independent manner. I do agree it would be a nice feature

I think it would be possible to change the toolbar without embedding
with a syntax not all that different from the one you suggest.
In the figure window, the toolbar is displayed by the FigureManager(
FigureManagerBase), you'll find the related code in the backend file
and you can gain access to the FigureManager through the figure

Please share the code for your annotation toolbar once it is
completed, I'm sure I could find use for it.



by Bartosz Telenczuk Oct 11, 2010; 11:44am

Dear all,

I am working on a custom toolbar with annotation tools (such as
arrows, text etc.) which would be a replacement or addition to the
standard navigation toolbar usually available at the bottom of the
figure window.

So far in order to add the toolbar I use the example Unfortunately this works only with gtk backends.
Is there a way to add the toolbar to the window in a
backend-independent way? For example, the following syntax would be
very convenient:

fig = figure()
tbar = NavigationToolbar()

With such an API one could define on the runtime which toolbar should
be avialable. Adding multiple toolbar would be also possible.



Bartosz Telenczuk

Institute for Theoretical Biology
Humboldt University of Berlin

peter butterworth