ANN: SciPy 2015 Tutorial Schedule Posted - Register Today - Already 30% Sold Out

The #SciPy2015 Conference (Scientific Computing with #Python) Tutorial Schedule is up! It is 1st come, 1st served and already 30% sold out. Register today! year you can choose from 16 different SciPy tutorials OR select the 2 day Software Carpentry course on scientific Python that assumes some programming experience but no Python knowledge. Please share! Tutorials include:

*Introduction to NumPy (Beginner)

*Machine Learning with Scikit-Learn (Intermediate)

*Cython: Blend of the Best of Python and C/++ (Intermediate)

*Image Analysis in Python with SciPy and Scikit-Image (Intermediate)

*Analyzing and Manipulating Data with Pandas (Beginner)

*Machine Learning with Scikit-Learn (Advanced)

*Building Python Data Applications with Blaze and Bokeh (Intermediate)

*Multibody Dynamics and Control with Python (Intermediate)

*Anatomy of Matplotlib (Beginner)

*Computational Statistics I (Intermediate)

*Efficient Python for High-Performance Parallel Computing (Intermediate)

*Geospatial Data with Open Source Tools in Python (Intermediate)

*Decorating Drones: Using Drones to Delve Deeper into Intermediate Python (Intermediate)

*Computational Statistics II (Intermediate)

*Modern Optimization Methods in Python (Advanced)

*Jupyter Advanced Topics Tutorial (Advanced)