ANN: matplotlib 1.2.1 release

I’m pleased to announce the release of matplotlib 1.2.1. This is a
bug release and improves stability and quality over the 1.2.0
release from four months ago. All users on 1.2.0 are encouraged to

Since github no longer provides download hosting, our tarballs and

binaries are back on SourceForge, and we have a master index of
downloads here:

Highlights include:

- Usage of deprecated APIs in matplotlib are now displayed by

default on all Python versions
- Agg backend: Cleaner rendering of rectilinear lines when snapping
to pixel boundaries, and fixes rendering bugs when using clip paths
- Python 3: Fixes a number of missed Python 3 compatibility problems
- Histograms and stacked histograms have a number of important
- Compatibility with more 3rd-party TrueType fonts
- SVG backend: Image support in SVG output is consistent with other
- Qt backend: Fixes leaking of window objects in Qt backend
- hexbin with a log scale now works correctly
- autoscaling works better on 3D plots
- …and numerous others.

Enjoy!  As always, there are number of good ways to get help with

matplotlib listed on the homepage at and I thank everyone for their continued support of this project.
Mike Droettboom