ANN: matplotlib-1.1.0

A new release of matplotlib is available for download at

There are lots of nifty new features like Sankey diagrams, an API for
animations and movie making, enhanced 3D support, support for
auto-layout of subplots with titles, xlabels and ylabels to prevent
text from running off the edge of the figure (tight_layout), pyside
supoprt, enhanced legends, and tons of other minor features and
bug-fixes. See what's new at

and the CHANGELOG at

and the commit history at

Please post issues on the github issue tracker and questions on the mailing list

Thanks to all the matplotlib developers who contributed to this
release, with special thanks to Michael Droettboom, Eric Firing,
Benjamin Root, Jouni Seppänen, Kevin Davies and Jae-Joon Lee for lots
of code contributions and bug fixes and to Christoph Gohlke and
Russell Owen for the windows and OX X binary installers.