ANN: matplotlib 0.99.0

The 0.99.0 release of matplotlib is available for download. Lots of
great new features and tons of bug fixes. Thanks to all the mpl
developers for their contributions, and to Christoph Gohlke for the
win32 builds, Russell Owen for the OSX testing and bug reports,
William Stein for hosting the OSX build box, and Michael
Droettboom for the release branch support

  What's new:

OSX users may want to consult

Here are the highlights:

* mplot3d : Reinier Heeres has ported John Porter's mplot3d over to
  the new matplotlib transformations framework, and it is now
  available as a toolkit mpl_toolkits.mplot3d


* axes grid toolkit : Jae-Joon Lee has added a new toolkit to ease
  displaying multiple images in matplotlib, as well as some support
  for curvilinear grids to support the world coordinate system

    example 1:
    example 2:
    tutorial :

* axes spines: Andrew Straw has implemented the much awaited support
  for spines. No longer are your axis lines constrained to be a
  simple rectangle around the figure -- you can turn on or off left,
  bottom, right and top, as well as "detach" the spine to offset it
  away from the data.


* new documentation: Jae Joon has written a guide to legends and annotations:

* Lots of small bug features and bug fixes -- here from the CHANGELOG::

    2009-08-06 Tagging the 0.99.0 release at svn r7397 - JDH

               * fixed an alpha colormapping bug posted on sf 2832575

               * fix typo in use nanmin, nanmax in
                 (patch by Christoph Gohlke)

               * remove dup gui event in enter/leave events in gtk

               * lots of fixes for os x binaries (Thanks Russell Owen)

               * attach gtk events to mpl events -- fixes sf bug 2816580

               * applied sf patch 2815064 (middle button events for wx) and
                 patch 2818092 (resize events for wx)

               * fixed so it doesn't break the ReST docs.

               * removed a couple of cases of mlab.load

               * fixed rec2csv win32 file handle bug from sf patch 2831018

               * added two examples from Josh Hemann:
                 and examples/pylab_examples/

               * handled sf bugs 2831556 and 2830525; better bar error
messages and
                 backend driver configs

               * added miktex win32 patch from sf patch 2820194

               * apply sf patches 2830233 and 2823885 for osx setup
and 64 bit; thanks Michiel

    2009-08-03 Fixed so it doesn't break the ReST docs. - JKS

    2009-08-03 pylab no longer provides a load and save function. These
               are available in matplotlib.mlab, or you can use
               numpy.loadtxt and numpy.savetxt for text files, or
               and np.load for binary numpy arrays. - JDH

    2009-07-31 Tagging 0.99.0.rc1 at 7314 - MGD

    2009-07-30 Add set_cmap and register_cmap, and improve get_cmap,
               to provide convenient handling of user-generated
               colormaps. Reorganized _cm and cm modules. - EF

    2009-07-28 Quiver speed improved, thanks to tip by Ray Speth. -EF

    2009-07-27 Simplify argument handling code for plot method. -EF

    2009-07-25 Allow "plot(1, 2, 'r*')" to work. - EF

    2009-07-22 Added an 'interp' keyword to griddata so the faster linear
               interpolation method can be chosen. Default is 'nn', so
               default behavior (using natural neighbor method) is
unchanged (JSW)

    2009-07-22 Improved so that it generates the correct
               signatures for pyplot functions. - JKS

    2009-07-19 Fixed the docstring of Axes.step to reflect the correct
               meaning of the kwargs "pre" and "post" - See SF bug
               - JDH

    2009-07-18 Fix support for hatches without color fills to pdf and svg
               backends. Add an example of that to - JKS

    2009-07-17 Removed fossils from swig version of agg backend. - EF

    2009-07-14 initial submission of the annotation guide. -JJL

    2009-07-14 axes_grid : minor improvements in anchored_artists and
               inset_locator. -JJL

    2009-07-14 Fix a few bugs in ConnectionStyle algorithms. Add
               ConnectionPatch class. -JJL

    2009-07-11 Added a fillstyle Line2D property for half filled markers
               -- see examples/pylab_examples/ JDH

    2009-07-08 Attempt to improve performance of qt4 backend, do not call
               qApp.processEvents while processing an event. Thanks Ole
               Streicher for tracking this down - DSD

    2009-06-24 Add withheader option to mlab.rec2csv and changed
      use_mrecords default to False in mlab.csv2rec since this is
      partially broken - JDH

    2009-06-24 backend_agg.draw_marker quantizes the main path (as in the
               draw_path). - JJL

    2009-06-24 axes_grid: floating axis support added. - JJL

    2009-06-14 Add new command line options to to support
               running only some directories of tests - JKS

    2009-06-13 partial cleanup of mlab and its importation in pylab - EF

    2009-06-13 Introduce a rotation_mode property for the Text artist. See
               examples/pylab_examples/ -JJL

    2009-06-07 add support for bz2 files per sf support request 2794556 -

    2009-06-06 added a properties method to the artist and inspector to
               return a dict mapping property name -> value; see sf
               feature request 2792183 - JDH

    2009-06-06 added Neil's auto minor tick patch; sf patch #2789713 - JDH

    2009-06-06 do not apply alpha to rgba color conversion if input is
               already rgba - JDH

    2009-06-03 axes_grid : Initial check-in of curvelinear grid support. See
               examples/axes_grid/ - JJL

    2009-06-01 Add set_color method to Patch - EF

    2009-06-01 Spine is now derived from Patch - ADS

    2009-06-01 use cbook.is_string_like() instead of isinstance() for
spines - ADS

    2009-06-01 cla() support for spines - ADS

    2009-06-01 Removed support for gtk < 2.4. - EF

    2009-05-29 Improved the animation_blit_qt4 example, which was a mix
               of the object-oriented and pylab interfaces. It is now
               strictly object-oriented - DSD

    2009-05-28 Fix axes_grid toolkit to work with spine patch by ADS. - JJL

    2009-05-28 Applied fbianco's patch to handle scroll wheel events in
               the qt4 backend - DSD

    2009-05-26 Add support for "axis spines" to have arbitrary location. -ADS

    2009-05-20 Add an empty matplotlibrc to the tests/ directory so that running
               tests will use the default set of rcparams rather than the user's
               config. - RMM

    2009-05-19 Axis.grid(): allow use of which='major,minor' to have grid
               on major and minor ticks. -ADS

    2009-05-18 Make psd(), csd(), and cohere() wrap properly for
               versions, like specgram() (SF #2791686) - RMM

    2009-05-18 Fix the linespacing bug of multiline text (#1239682). See
               examples/pylab_examples/ -JJL

    2009-05-18 Add *annotation_clip* attr. for text.Annotation class.
               If True, annotation is only drawn when the annotated point is
               inside the axes area. -JJL

    2009-05-17 Fix bug(#2749174) that some properties of minor ticks are
               not conserved -JJL

    2009-05-17 applied Michiel's sf patch 2790638 to turn off gtk event
               loop in setupext for pygtk>=2.15.10 - JDH

    2009-05-17 applied Michiel's sf patch 2792742 to speed up Cairo and
               macosx collections; speedups can be 20x. Also fixes some
               bugs in which gc got into inconsistent state