ANN: matplotlib-0.98.5

We have just released a new version of matplotlib, available for download at

It is a simple bugfix release to fix a number of critical bugs found in 0.98.4.

These "what's new" release notes, with graphs and links, are available in html at

Thanks to Charlie Moad for testing and preparing the source release,
including binaries for OS X and Windows for python 2.4 and 2.5 (2.6
and 3.0 will not be available until numpy is available on those
releases). Thanks to the many developers who contributed to this
release, with contributions from Jae-Joon Lee, Michael Droettboom,
Ryan May, Eric Firing, Manuel Metz, Jouni K. Seppaenen, Jeff Whitaker,
Darren Dale, David Kaplan, Michiel de Hoon and many others who
submitted patches

What's new in 0.98.5



It's only been a matter of days since 0.98.4, but there were a number of critical bugs that warranted a new release.

2008-12-11 Use subprocess.Popen instead of os.popen in dviread
           (Windows problem reported by Jorgen Stenarson) - JKS

2008-12-10 Added Michael's font_manager fix and Jae-Joon's
           figure/subplot fix. Bumped version number to 0.98.5 - JDH

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