ANN: matplotlib-0.98.3

Matplotlib 0.98.3 is now available for download. We are not pushing an additional 0.91.x release at this time due to lack of updates to that branch.

  • Charlie


2008-08-03 Released 0.98.3 at svn r5947

2008-08-01 Backported memory leak fixes in _ttconv.cpp - MGD

2008-07-31 Added masked array support to griddata. - JSW

2008-07-26 Added optional C and reduce_C_function arguments to

   axes.hexbin().  This allows hexbin to accumulate the values

   of C based on the x,y coordinates and display in hexagonal

   bins. - ADS

2008-07-24 Deprecated (raise NotImplementedError) all the mlab2

functions from matplotlib.mlab out of concern that some of

them were not clean room implementations. JDH

2008-07-24 Rewrite of a significant portion of the clabel code (class

   ContourLabeler) to improve inlining. - DMK

2008-07-22 Added Barbs polygon collection (similar to Quiver) for plotting

wind barbs. Added corresponding helpers to Axes and pyplot as

well. (examples/pylab_examples/ shows it off.) - RMM

2008-07-21 Added scikits.delaunay as matplotlib.delaunay. Added griddata

function in matplotlib.mlab, with example ( in

pylab_examples. griddata function will use mpl_toolkits._natgrid

if installed. - JSW

2008-07-21 Re-introduced offset_copy that works in the context of the

new transforms. - MGD

2008-07-21 Committed patch by Ryan May to add get_offsets and

set_offsets to Collections base class - EF

2008-07-21 Changed the “asarray” strategy in so that

colormapping of masked input should work for all

image types (thanks Klaus Zimmerman) - EF

2008-07-20 Rewrote cbook.delete_masked_points and corresponding

unit test to support rgb color array inputs, datetime

inputs, etc. - EF

2008-07-20 Renamed unit/ to and modified

in accord with Ryan’s move of delete_masked_points from

axes to cbook. - EF

2008-07-18 Check for nan and inf in axes.delete_masked_points().

This should help hexbin and scatter deal with nans. - ADS

2008-07-17 Added ability to manually select contour label locations.

Also added a waitforbuttonpress function. - DMK

2008-07-17 Fix bug with NaNs at end of path (thanks, Andrew Straw for

the report) - MGD

2008-07-16 Improve error handling in texmanager, thanks to Ian Henry

for reporting - DSD

2008-07-12 Added support for external backends with the

“module://my_backend” syntax - JDH

2008-07-11 Fix memory leak related to shared axes. Grouper should

store weak references. - MGD

2008-07-10 Bugfix: crash displaying fontconfig pattern - MGD

2008-07-10 Bugfix: [ 2013963 ] update_datalim_bounds in Axes not works - MGD

2008-07-10 Bugfix: [ 2014183 ] multiple imshow() causes gray edges - MGD

2008-07-09 Fix rectangular axes patch on polar plots bug - MGD

2008-07-09 Improve mathtext radical rendering - MGD

2008-07-08 Improve mathtext superscript placement - MGD

2008-07-07 Fix custom scales in pcolormesh (thanks Matthew Turk) - MGD

2008-07-03 Implemented findobj method for artist and pyplot - see

examples/pylab_examples/ - JDH

2008-06-30 Another attempt to fix TextWithDash - DSD

2008-06-30 Removed Qt4 NavigationToolbar2.destroy – it appears to

have been unnecessary and caused a bug reported by P.

Raybaut - DSD

2008-06-27 Fixed tick positioning bug - MM

2008-06-27 Fix dashed text bug where text was at the wrong end of the

dash - MGD

2008-06-26 Fix mathtext bug for expressions like $x_{\leftarrow}$ - MGD

2008-06-26 Fix direction of horizontal/vertical hatches - MGD

2008-06-25 Figure.figurePatch renamed Figure.patch, Axes.axesPatch

renamed Axes.patch, Axes.axesFrame renamed Axes.frame,

Axes.get_frame, which returns Axes.patch, is deprecated.

Examples and users guide updated - JDH

2008-06-25 Fix rendering quality of pcolor - MGD