ANN: matplotlib 0.91.2

We have uploaded source and binary releases of matplotlib-0.91.2 to
Thanks to Charlie Moad for doing the release.

This is a bugfix release and includes several important fixes listed

2008-01-06 Released 0.91.2 at revision 4802

2007-12-26 Reduce too-late use of matplotlib.use() to a warning
           instead of an exception, for backwards compatibility - EF

2007-12-25 Fix bug in errorbar, identified by Noriko Minakawa - EF

2007-12-25 Changed masked array importing to work with the upcoming
           numpy 1.05 (now the maskedarray branch) as well as with
           earlier versions. - EF

2007-12-16 rec2csv saves doubles without losing precision. Also, it
           does not close filehandles passed in open. - JDH,ADS

2007-12-13 Moved rec2gtk to matplotlib.toolkits.gtktools and rec2excel
           to matplotlib.toolkits.exceltools - JDH

2007-12-12 Support alpha-blended text in the Agg and Svg backends -

2007-12-10 Fix SVG text rendering bug. - MGD

2007-12-10 Increase accuracy of circle and ellipse drawing by using an
           8-piece bezier approximation, rather than a 4-piece one.
           Fix PDF, SVG and Cairo backends so they can draw paths
           (meaning ellipses as well). - MGD

2007-12-07 Issue a warning when drawing an image on a non-linear axis. - MGD

2007-12-06 let widgets.Cursor initialize to the lower x and y bounds
           rather than 0,0, which can cause havoc for dates and other
           transforms - DSD

2007-12-06 updated references to mpl data directories for py2exe - DSD

2007-12-06 fixed a bug in rcsetup, see bug 1845057 - DSD

2007-12-05 Fix how fonts are cached to avoid loading the same one
multiple times.
           (This was a regression since 0.90 caused by the refactoring of
  - MGD

2007-12-05 Support arbitrary rotation of usetex text in Agg backend. - MGD

2007-12-04 Support '|' as a character in mathtext - MGD