ANN: matplotlib-0.90.1


2007-06-02 Released 0.90.1 at revision 3352

2007-06-02 Display only meaningful labels when calling legend()
           without args. - NN

2007-06-02 Have errorbar follow the color cycle even if line is not plotted.
           Suppress plotting of errorbar caps for capsize=0. - NN

2007-06-02 Set markers to same alpha value as line. - NN

2007-06-02 Fix mathtext position in svg backend. - NN

2007-06-01 Deprecate Numeric and numarray for use as numerix. Props to
           Travis -- job well done. - ADS

2007-05-18 Added LaTeX unicode support. Enable with the
           'text.latex.unicode' rcParam. This requires the ucs and
           inputenc LaTeX packages. - ADS

2007-04-23 Fixed some problems with polar -- added general polygon
           clipping to clip the lines a nd grids to the polar axes.
           Added support for set_rmax to easily change the maximum
           radial grid. Added support for polar legend - JDH

2007-04-16 Added Figure.autofmt_xdate to handle adjusting the bottom
           and rotating the tick labels for date plots when the ticks
           often overlap - JDH

2007-04-09 Beginnings of usetex support for pdf backend. -JKS

2007-04-07 Fixed legend/LineCollection bug. Added label support
           to collections. - EF

2007-04-06 Removed deprecated support for a float value as a gray-scale;
           now it must be a string, like '0.5'. Added alpha kwarg to
           ColorConverter.to_rgba_list. - EF

2007-04-06 Fixed rotation of ellipses in pdf backend
           (sf bug #1690559) -JKS

2007-04-04 More matshow tweaks; documentation updates; new method
           set_bounds() for formatters and locators. - EF

2007-04-02 Fixed problem with imshow and matshow of integer arrays;
           fixed problems with changes to color autoscaling. - EF

2007-04-01 Made image color autoscaling work correctly with
           a tracking colorbar; norm.autoscale now scales
           unconditionally, while norm.autoscale_None changes
           only None-valued vmin, vmax. - EF

2007-03-31 Added a qt-based subplot-adjustment dialog - DSD

2007-03-30 Fixed a bug in backend_qt4, reported on mpl-dev - DSD

2007-03-26 Removed colorbar_classic from; fixed bug in
           Figure.clf() in which _axobservers was not getting
           cleared. Modernization and cleanups. - EF

2007-03-26 Refactored some of the units support -- units now live in
           the respective x and y Axis instances. See also
           API_CHANGES for some alterations to the conversion
           interface. JDH

2007-03-25 Fix masked array handling in for numpy. (Numeric
           and numarray support for masked arrays is broken in other
           ways when using quiver. I didn't pursue that.) - ADS

2007-03-23 Made close opened files. - JKS

2007-03-22 Made imshow default extent match matshow - EF

2007-03-22 Some more niceties for xcorr -- a maxlags option, normed
           now works for xcorr as well as axorr, usevlines is
           supported, and a zero correlation hline is added. See
           examples/ Thanks Sameer for the patch. -

2007-03-21 Axes.vlines and Axes.hlines now create and returns a
           LineCollection, not a list of lines. This is much faster.
           The kwarg signature has changed, so consult the docs.
           Modified Axes.errorbar which uses vlines and hlines. See
           API_CHANGES; the return signature for these three functions
           is now different

2007-03-20 Refactored units support and added new examples - JDH

2007-03-19 Added Mike's units patch - JDH

2007-03-18 Matshow as an Axes method; test version matshow1() in
           pylab; added 'integer' Boolean kwarg to MaxNLocator
           initializer to force ticks at integer locations. - EF

2007-03-17 Preliminary support for clipping to paths agg - JDH

2007-03-17 Text.set_text() accepts anything convertible with '%s' - EF

2007-03-14 Add masked-array support to hist. - EF

2007-03-03 Change barh to take a kwargs dict and pass it to bar.
           Fixes sf bug #1669506.

2007-03-02 Add rc parameter pdf.inheritcolor, which disables all
           color-setting operations in the pdf backend. The idea is
           that you include the resulting file in another program and
           set the colors (both stroke and fill color) there, so you
           can use the same pdf file for e.g. a paper and a
           presentation and have them in the surrounding color. You
           will probably not want to draw figure and axis frames in
           that case, since they would be filled in the same color. - JKS

2007-02-26 Prevent building with broken Mac OS X wxPython. - ADS

2007-02-23 Require setuptools for Python 2.3 - ADS

2007-02-22 WXAgg accelerator updates - KM
           WXAgg's C++ accelerator has been fixed to use the correct wxBitmap

           The backend has been updated to use new wxPython functionality to
           provide fast blit() animation without the C++ accelerator. This
           requires wxPython 2.8 or later. Previous versions of wxPython can
           use the C++ acclerator or the old pure Python routines.

  no longer builds the C++ accelerator when wxPython >= 2.8
           is present.

           The blit() method is now faster regardless of which agg/wxPython
           conversion routines are used.

2007-02-21 Applied the PDF backend patch by Nicolas Grilly.
           This impacts several files and directories in matplotlib:

           - Created the directory lib/matplotlib/mpl-data/fonts/pdfcorefonts,
             holding AFM files for the 14 PDF core fonts. These fonts are
             embedded in every PDF viewing application.

           - Added the directory pdfcorefonts to package_data.

           - lib/matplotlib/ Added the default parameter
             'pdf.use14corefonts'. When True, the PDF backend uses
             only the 14 PDF core fonts.

           - lib/matplotlib/ Added some keywords found in
             recent AFM files. Added a little workaround to handle
             Euro symbol.

           - lib/matplotlib/ Added support for the 14
             PDF core fonts. These fonts have a dedicated cache (file
             pdfcorefont.cache), not the same as for other AFM files
             (file .afmfont.cache). Also cleaned comments to conform
             to CODING_GUIDE.

           - lib/matplotlib/backends/
             Added support for 14 PDF core fonts.
             Fixed some issues with incorrect character widths and
             encodings (works only for the most common encoding,
             WinAnsiEncoding, defined by the official PDF Reference).
             Removed parameter 'dpi' because it causes alignment issues.

           -JKS (patch by Nicolas Grilly)

2007-02-17 Changed ft2font.get_charmap, and updated all the files where
           get_charmap is mentioned - ES

2007-02-13 Added barcode demo- JDH

2007-02-13 Added binary colormap to cm - JDH

2007-02-13 Added twiny to pylab - JDH

2007-02-12 Moved data files into lib/matplotlib so that setuptools'
           develop mode works. Re-organized the mpl-data layout so
           that this source structure is maintained in the
           installation. (I.e. the 'fonts' and 'images'
           sub-directories are maintained in site-packages.) Suggest
           removing site-packages/matplotlib/mpl-data and
           ~/.matplotlib/ttffont.cache before installing - ADS

2007-02-07 Committed Rob Hetland's patch for qt4: remove
           references to text()/latin1(), plus some improvements
           to the toolbar layout - DSD