ANN: matplotlib-0.90.0

A while back there was some talk on the dev list about a pure python
blitting method. I believe 2.8 had features that made this possible.
I don't think anyone actually implemented this though. I'll have to
check if the current native wx code even compiles with 2.8. The
pure-python wx interface is still there and works but doesn't allow
for efficient blitting.


On 2/7/07, Werner F. Bruhin <werner.bruhin@...185...> wrote:


Charlie Moad wrote:
> On 2/7/07, Werner F. Bruhin <werner.bruhin@...185...> wrote:
>> Hi Charlie,
>> Great to see a new release, will put some time aside to test it with
>> wxPython early next week.
>> I can't see a reference to the wxPython backend, will it still require
>> the Unicode build or can one use the Ansi build and which versions of
>> wxPython are supported?
> Well, we haven't built any binaries yet. We pushed a source release
> fast to try to get it into Feisty. Sorry Chris! With wx2.8 out now
> and this being a major release, we definitely need to rethink wx
> builds. We stuck with unicode for 0.87 to avoid confusion. I would
> be happy to hear what wx users think/want.
For me the ideal would be not to be depended on a particular release of
wxPython - big surprise no :slight_smile: .

If I understand it correctly the dependency came in for performance
optimization, does 2.8 change something for this.

- If yes, I would not see a problem with 0.9 requiring as a minimum but going forward I could use any 2.8.x or newer release.
- If no, then I guess we have to live with having a "fixed" dependency,
e.g. 0.87 is wxPython 2.6.x, 0.90 is wxPython 2.8.x, but it should
through at least a warning if one tries to use it with another wxPython