ANN: matplotlib-0.90.0

Binaries will be posted in a few days.


2007-02-06 Released 0.90.0 at revision 3003

2007-01-22 Extended the new picker API to text, patches and patch
           collections. Added support for user customizable pick hit
           testing and attribute tagging of the PickEvent - Details
           and examples in examples/ - JDH

2007-01-16 Begun work on a new pick API using the mpl event handling
           frameowrk. Artists will define their own pick method with
           a configurable epsilon tolerance and return pick attrs.
           All artists that meet the tolerance threshold will fire a
           PickEvent with artist dependent attrs; eg, a Line2D can set
           the indices attribute that shows the indices into the line
           that are within epsilon of the pick point. See
           examples/ The implementation of pick
           for the remaining Artists remains to be done, but the core
           infrastructure at the level of event handling is in place
           with a proof-of-concept implementation for Line2D - JDH

2007-01-16 src/_image.cpp: update to use Py_ssize_t (for 64-bit systems).
           Use return value of fread() to prevent warning messages - SC.

2007-01-15 src/_image.cpp: combine buffer_argb32() and buffer_bgra32() into
           a new method color_conv(format) - SC

2007-01-14 update draw_arc() so that
           examples/ looks correct - SC

2007-01-12 enable clipping. Update draw_image() so that
           examples/ looks correct - SC

2007-01-12 fix draw_image() so that examples/
           now looks correct - SC

2007-01-11 Added Axes.xcorr and Axes.acorr to plot the cross
           correlation of x vs y or the autocorrelation of x. pylab
           wrappers also provided. See examples/ - JDH

2007-01-10 Added "Subplot.label_outer" method. It will set the
           visibility of the ticklabels so that yticklabels are only
           visible in the first column and xticklabels are only
           visible in the last row - JDH

2007-01-02 Added additional kwarg documentation - JDH

2006-12-28 Improved error message for nonpositive input to log
           transform; added log kwarg to bar, barh, and hist,
           and modified bar method to behave sensibly by default
           when the ordinate has a log scale. (This only works
           if the log scale is set before or by the call to bar,
           hence the utility of the log kwarg.) - EF

2006-12-27 update draw_image() and _draw_mathtext() to work
           with numpy - SC

2006-12-20 Fixed xpdf dependency check, which was failing on windows.
           Removed ps2eps dependency check. - DSD

2006-12-19 Added Tim Leslie's spectral patch - JDH

2006-12-17 Added rc param 'axes.formatter.limits' to control
           the default threshold for switching to scientific
           notation. Added convenience method
           Axes.ticklabel_format() for turning scientific notation
           on or off on either or both axes. - EF

2006-12-16 Added ability to turn control scientific notation
           in ScalarFormatter - EF

2006-12-16 Enhanced boxplot to handle more flexible inputs - EF

2006-12-13 Replaced calls to where() in with much faster
           clip() and putmask() calls; removed inappropriate
           uses of getmaskorNone (which should be needed only
           very rarely); all in response to profiling by
           David Cournapeau. Also fixed bugs in my 2-D
           array support from 12-09. - EF

2006-12-09 Replaced spy and spy2 with the new spy that combines
           marker and image capabilities - EF

2006-12-09 Added support for plotting 2-D arrays with plot:
           columns are plotted as in Matlab - EF

2006-12-09 Added linewidth kwarg to bar and barh; fixed arg
           checking bugs - EF

2006-12-07 Made pcolormesh argument handling match pcolor;
           fixed kwarg handling problem noted by Pierre GM - EF

2006-12-06 Made pcolor support vector X and/or Y instead of
           requiring 2-D arrays - EF

2006-12-05 Made the default Artist._transform None (rather than
           invoking identity_transform for each artist only to have it
           overridden later). Use artist.get_transform() rather than
           artist._transform, even in derived classes, so that the
           default transform will be created lazily as needed - JDH

2006-12-03 Added LogNorm to as illustrated by
           examples/, based on suggestion by
           Jim McDonald. Colorbar modified to handle LogNorm.
           Norms have additional "inverse" method. - EF

2006-12-02 Changed class names in to match convention:
           normalize -> Normalize, no_norm -> NoNorm. Old names
           are still available.
           Changed rc defaults to match those in
           matplotlibrc - EF

2006-11-22 Fixed bug in set_*lim that I had introduced on 11-15 - EF

2006-11-22 Added examples/, which shows how to clip line
           data based on view limits -- it also changes the marker
           style when zoomed in - JDH

2006-11-21 Some spy bug-fixes and added precision arg per Robert C's
           suggestion - JDH

2006-11-19 Added semi-automatic docstring generation detailing all the
           kwargs that functions take using the artist introspection
           tools; eg 'help text now details the scatter kwargs
           that control the Text properties - JDH

2006-11-17 Removed obsolete scatter_classic, leaving a stub to
           raise NotImplementedError; same for pcolor_classic - EF

2006-11-15 Removed obsolete pcolor_classic - EF

2006-11-15 Fixed 1588908 reported by Russel Owen; factored
           nonsingular method out of, put it into
  as a function, and used it in
           set_xlim and set_ylim. - EF

2006-11-14 Applied patch 1591716 by Ulf Larssen to fix a bug in
           apply_aspect. Modified and applied patch
           1594894 by mdehoon to fix bugs and improve
           formatting in Applied patch 1573008
           by Greg Willden to make psd etc. plot full frequency
           range for complex inputs. - EF

2006-11-14 Improved the ability of the colorbar to track
           changes in corresponding image, pcolor, or
           contourf. - EF

2006-11-11 Fixed bug that broke Numeric compatibility;
           added support for alpha to colorbar. The
           alpha information is taken from the mappable
           object, not specified as a kwarg. - EF

2006-11-05 Added broken_barh function for makring a sequence of
           horizontal bars broken by gaps -- see examples/

2006-11-05 Removed lineprops and markerprops from the Annotation code
           and replaced them with an arrow configurable with kwarg
           arrowprops. See examples/ - JDH

2006-11-02 Fixed a pylab subplot bug that was causing axes to be
           deleted with hspace or wspace equals zero in
           subplots_adjust - JDH

2006-10-31 Applied axes3d patch 1587359

Darn! missed the chance to update the wx back-end -- oh well, hopefully the next release.



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