ANN: matplotlib-0.87.7

This release is compiled against numpy-1.0 final. The binaries are
fresh on sourceforge, so they may take some time to propagate to the

Note: There is a compile error on python2.3 that will probably require
a slight modification to the released source. Please allow some time
for us to fix this and post the binaries.


2006-10-26 Released 0.87.7 at revision 2835

2006-10-25 Made "tiny" kwarg in Locator.nonsingular much smaller - EF

2006-10-17 Closed sf bug 1562496 update line props dash/solid/cap/join
           styles - JDH

2006-10-17 Complete overhaul of the annotations API and example code -
           See matplotlib.text.Annotation and
           examples/ JDH

2006-10-12 Committed Manuel Metz's StarPolygon code and
           examples/ - JDH

2006-10-11 commented out all default values in matplotlibrc.template
           Default values should generally be taken from defaultParam in
  - the file matplotlib should only contain those values
           that the user wants to explicitly change from the default.
           (see thread "marker color handling" on matplotlib-devel)

2006-10-10 Changed default comment character for load to '#' - JDH

2006-10-10 deactivated rcfile-configurability of markerfacecolor
           and markeredgecolor. Both are now hardcoded to the special value
     'auto' to follow the line color. Configurability at run-time
     (using function arguments) remains functional. - NN

2006-10-07 introduced dummy argument magnification=1.0 to
           FigImage.make_image to satisfy unit test
           The argument is not yet handled correctly, which should only
     show up when using non-standard DPI settings in PS backend,
     introduced by patch #1562394. - NN

2006-10-06 add backend-agnostic example: - NN

2006-09-29 fix line-breaking for SVG-inline images (purely cosmetic) - NN

2006-09-29 reworked set_linestyle and set_marker
     markeredgecolor and markerfacecolor now default to
     a special value "auto" that keeps the color in sync with
     the line color
     further, the intelligence of axes.plot is cleaned up,
     improved and simplified. Complete compatibility cannot be
     guaranteed, but the new behavior should be much more predictable
     (see patch #1104615 for details) - NN

2006-09-29 changed implementation of clip-path in SVG to work around a
           limitation in inkscape - NN

2006-09-29 added two options to matplotlibrc:
     see patch #1533010 for details - NN

2006-09-29 cleaned up kwargs checking - NN

2006-09-29 cleaned up setup logic - NN

2006-09-29 check for required pygtk versions, fixes bug #1460783 - SC