ANN: matplotlib-0.87.4 (bugfix release for enthon)


On 7/7/06, John Hunter <jdhunter@...5...> wrote:

We'd like to do a bugfix release for the next release of enthought
python, which will include the latest mpl. Apparently, there is a
problem with 0.87.3 and numpy which has been fixed in svn.

If there is anything we should wait on, let us know, otherwise we'll
probably try to roll out 0.87.4 early next week.


2006-07-11 Released 0.87.4 at revision 2558

2006-07-07 Fixed a usetex bug with older versions of latex - DSD

2006-07-07 Add compatibility for NumPy 1.0 - TEO

2006-06-29 Added a Qt4Agg backend. Thank you James Amundson - DSD

2006-06-26 Fixed a usetex bug. On windows, usetex will prcess
           postscript output in the current directory rather than
           in a temp directory. This is due to the use of spaces
           and tildes in windows paths, which cause problems with
           latex. The subprocess module is no longer used. - DSD

2006-06-22 Various changes to bar(), barh(), and hist().
           Added 'edgecolor' keyword arg to bar() and barh().
           The x and y args in barh() have been renamed to width
           and bottom respectively, and their order has been swapped
           to maintain a (position, value) order ala matlab. left,
           height, width and bottom args can now all be scalars or
           sequences. barh() now defaults to edge alignment instead
           of center alignment. Added a keyword arg 'align' to bar(),
           barh() and hist() that controls between edge or center bar
           alignment. Fixed ignoring the rcParams['patch.facecolor']
           for bar color in bar() and barh(). Fixed ignoring the
           rcParams['lines.color'] for error bar color in bar()
           and barh(). Fixed a bug where patches would be cleared
           when error bars were plotted if rcParams['axes.hold']
           was False. - MAS

2006-06-22 Added support for numerix 2-D arrays as alternatives to
           a sequence of (x,y) tuples for specifying paths in
           collections, quiver, contour, pcolor, transforms.
           Fixed contour bug involving setting limits for
           color mapping. Added numpy-style all() to numerix. - EF

2006-06-20 Added custom FigureClass hook to pylab interface - see

2006-06-16 Added colormaps from gist (gist_earth, gist_stern,
           gist_rainbow, gist_gray, gist_yarg, gist_heat, gist_ncar) - JW

2006-06-16 Added a pointer to parent in figure canvas so you can
           access the container with fig.canvas.manager. Useful if
           you want to set the window title, eg in gtk
           fig.canvas.manager.window.set_title, though a GUI neutral
           method would be preferable JDH

2006-06-16 Fixed to handle indexed colors (i.e.,
           norm = no_norm()) by centering each colored region
           on its index. - EF

2006-06-15 Added scalex and scaley to Axes.autoscale_view to support
           selective autoscaling just the x or y axis, and supported
           these command in plot so you can say plot(something,
           scaley=False) and just the x axis will be autoscaled.
           Modified axvline and axhline to support this, so for
           example axvline will no longer autoscale the y axis. JDH

2006-06-13 Fix so numpy updates are backward compatible - TEO

2006-06-12 Updated numerix to handle numpy restructuring of
           oldnumeric - TEO

2006-06-12 Updated numerix.fft to handle numpy restructuring
           Added ImportError to numerix.linear_algebra for numpy -TEO

2006-06-11 Added quiverkey command to pylab and Axes, using
           QuiverKey class in Changed pylab and Axes
           to use quiver2 if possible, but drop back to the
           newly-renamed quiver_classic if necessary. Modified
           examples/ to illustrate the new quiver
           and quiverkey. Changed LineCollection implementation
           slightly to improve compatibility with PolyCollection. - EF

2006-06-11 Fixed a usetex bug for windows, running latex on files
           with spaces in their names or paths was failing - DSD

2006-06-09 Made additions to numerix, changes to quiver to make it
           work with all numeric flavors. - EF

2006-06-09 Added quiver2 function to pylab and method to axes,
           with implementation via a Quiver class in
           quiver2 will replace quiver before the next release;
           it is placed alongside it initially to facilitate
           testing and transition. See also
           examples/ - EF

2006-06-08 Minor bug fix to make draw proper minus signs
           with usetex - DSD