ANN: matplotlib-0.87.1

Compiled against numpy-0.9.6


2006-03-16 Released 0.87.2

2006-03-15 Fixed bug in MaxNLocator revealed by daigos@...1044...
           The main change is that Locator.nonsingular now adjusts
           vmin and vmax if they are nearly the same, not just if
           they are equal. A new kwarg, "tiny", sets the threshold. -

2006-03-14 Added import of compatibility library for newer numpy
           linear_algebra - TEO

2006-03-12 Extended "load" function to support individual columns and
           moved "load" and "save" into matplotlib.mlab so they can be
           used outside of pylab -- see examples/ -

2006-03-12 Added AutoDateFormatter and AutoDateLocator submitted
           by James Evans. Try the example for a
           demo. - ADS

2006-03-11 Added subprocess module from python-2.4 - DSD

2006-03-11 Fixed landscape orientation support with the usetex
           option. The backend_ps print_figure method was
           getting complicated, I added a _print_figure_tex
           method to maintain some degree of sanity - DSD

2006-03-11 Added "papertype" savefig kwarg for setting
           postscript papersizes. papertype and ps.papersize
           rc setting can also be set to "auto" to autoscale
           pagesizes - DSD

2006-03-09 Apply P-J's patch to make pstoeps work on windows
           patch report # 1445612 - DSD

2006-03-09 Make backend rc parameter case-insensitive - DSD

2006-03-07 Fixed bug in backend_ps related to C0-C6 papersizes,
           which were causing problems with postscript viewers.
           Supported page sizes include letter, legal, ledger,
           A0-A10, and B0-B10 - DSD