ANN: matplotlib-0.87.1

Sounds fine. Why not roll dpi, facecolor, edgecolor and

    > orientation in with the kwargs?

You can, but it is more work this way and no obvious benefit. In
every backend you would then have to provide this boilerplate

  dpi = kwargs.get('dpi', rcParams[savefig.dpi'])
  facecolor = kwargs.get('facecolor', 'white')
  ...and so on....

and so on. Since what we have currently works, and you can do what
you want w/o dumping everything into generic kwarg handling, I figured
this falls into the category of "if it ain't broke, don't fix it".
But I don't feel strongly either way.

In the ideal, perhaps, we would provide explicit kwargs that every
backend is expected to abide by (facecolor, edgecolor) and put the
optional ones that only make sense in certain backends (no dpi for ps,
no papersize for agg) into the generic **kwargs framework.