ANN: matplotlib-0.87.1

Bugfix release including imshow problem from 0.87.
This is the first release from the new subversion repository. The cvs
tree is dead at this point.


2006-03-07 Released 0.87.1

           fix get_rgb() bug reported by Keith Briggs.
           Require pycairo 1.0.2.
           Support saving png to file-like objects. - SC

2006-03-03 Fixed pcolor handling of vmin, vmax - EF

2006-03-02 improve page sizing with usetex with the latex
           geometry package. Closes bug # 1441629 - DSD

2006-03-02 Fixed dpi problem with usetex png output. Accepted a
           modified version of patch # 1441809 - DSD

2006-03-01 Fixed axis('scaled') to deal with case xmax < xmin - JSWHIT

2006-03-01 Added reversed colormaps (with '_r' appended to name) - JSWHIT

2006-02-27 Improved eps bounding boxes with usetex - DSD

2006-02-27 Test svn commit, again!

2006-02-27 Fixed two dependency checking bugs related to usetex
           on Windows - DSD

2006-02-27 Made the rc deprecation warnings a little more human

2006-02-26 Update the previous gtk.main_quit() bug fix to use gtk.main_level()
           - SC

2006-02-24 Implemented alpha support in contour and contourf - EF

2006-02-22 Fixed gtk main quit bug when quit was called before
           mainloop. - JDH

2006-02-22 Small change to to workaround apparent
           bug in numpy masked array module - JW

2006-02-22 Fixed bug in ScalarMappable.to_rgba() reported by
           Ray Jones, and fixed incorrect fix found by Jeff
           Whitaker - EF