ANN: matplotlib-0.84

Hi all,

This is a quick release in advance of scipy this Thursday. I'm short
on time right now so I'll just paste in the CHANGELOG since the last
release. I also have not been able to make a binary build for
python2.3 on win32, but there is a 2.4 version. I'll get this all
sorted out next week.

2005-09-14 Added a new 'resize_event' which triggers a callback with a
           backend_bases.ResizeEvent object. Not implemented on all
           backends - JDH

2005-09-14 removed chkfontpath from x11FontDirectory() - SC

2005-09-14 Factored out auto date locator/formatter factory code into
 ; applies John Bryne's
           quiver patch.

2005-09-13 Added Mark's axes positions history patch #1286915

2005-09-09 Added support for auto canvas resizing with
           fig.set_figsize_inches(9,5,forward=True) # inches
           fig.resize(400,300) # pixels

2005-09-07 update Figure.draw() to use the updated
           renderer.draw_image() so that examples/ works again.
           examples/ remove data_clipping (which no longer
           exists) - SC

2005-09-06 Added Eric's tick.direction patch: in or out in rc

2005-09-06 Added Martin's rectangle selector widget

2005-09-04 Fixed a logic err in that was preventing rgxsuper
           from matching - JDH

2005-08-29 Committed Ken's wx blit patch #1275002

2005-08-26 colorbar modifications - now uses contourf instead of imshow
           so that colors used by contourf are displayed correctly.
           Added two new keyword args (cspacing and clabels) that are
           only relevant for ContourMappable images - JSWHIT

2005-08-24 Fixes a PS image bug reported by Darren - JDH

2005-08-23 change hex2color() to accept unicode strings as well as
           normal strings. Use isinstance() instead of types.IntType etc - SC

2005-08-16 removed data_clipping line and rc property - JDH

2005-08-22 Remove redundant "x=0.0 y=0.0" from svg element.
           Increase svg version from 1.0 to 1.1. Add viewBox attribute to svg
           element to allow SVG documents to scale-to-fit into an arbitrary
           viewport - SC

2005-08-16 Added Eric's dot marker patch - JDH

2005-08-08 Added blitting/animation for TkAgg - CM

2005-08-05 Fixed duplicate tickline bug - JDH

2005-08-05 Fixed a GTK animation bug that cropped up when doing
           animations in gtk//gtkagg canvases that had widgets packed
           above them

2005-08-05 Added Clovis Goldemberg patch to the tk save dialog

2005-08-04 Removed origin kwarg from backend.draw_image. origin is
           handled entirely by the frontend now.

2005-07-03 Fixed a bug related to TeX commands in backend_ps

2005-08-03 Fixed SVG images to respect uppoer and lower origins.

2005-08-03 Added flipud method to image and removed it from to_str.

2005-07-29 Modified figure.figaspect to take an array or number;
           modified backend_svg to write utf-8 - JDH

2005-07-30 embed png image files in svg rather than linking
           to a separate png file, fixes bug #1245306 (thanks to Norbert Nemec
           for the patch) - SC