ANN: matplotlib-0.83

Normally, this would have been a bugfix release, but I reorganized the
matplotlib configuration files so thought it best to tick the version
number. All of the configuration files and dirs (matplotlibrc,
tex.cache, ttffont.cache ) now reside in $HOME/.matplotlib (on windows
C:\Documents and Settings\youracct\.matplotlib). Please rename your
.matplotlibrc file to matplotlibrc and put it there.

Other change are

2005-07-07 Added Eric's MA set_xdata Line2D fix - JDH

2005-07-06 Made HOME/.matplotlib the new config dir where the
           matplotlibrc file, the ttf.cache, and the tex.cache live.
           The new default filenames in .matplotlib have no leading
           dot and are not hidden. Eg, the new names are matplotlibrc
           tex.cache ttffont.cache. This is how ipython does it so it
           must be right. If old files are found, a warning is issued
           and they are moved to the new location. Also fixed
           texmanager to put all files, including temp files in
           ~/.matplotlib/tex.cache, which allows you to usetex in
           non-writable dirs.

2005-07-05 Fixed bug #1231611 in subplots adjust layout. The problem
           was that the text cacheing mechanism was not using the
           transformation affine in the key. - JDH

2005-07-05 Fixed default backend import problem when using API (SF bug
           # 1209354 - see API_CHANGES for more info - JDH

2005-07-04 require PyGTK version 2.0.0 or higher - SC

2005-06-30 added numarray_inc_dirs for building against
           numarray when not installed in standard location - ADS

2005-06-27 write figure width, height as int, not float.
           Update to fix some of the pychecker warnings - SC
2005-06-23 Updated examples/ to demonstrate curved paths
           and fills - JDH

2005-06-21 Moved some texmanager and backend_agg tex caching to class
           level rather than instance level - JDH

2005-06-20 fix problem where _nc_backend_gdk is installed to the
           wrong directory - SC

2005-06-19 Added 10.4 support for CocoaAgg. - CM

2005-06-18 Move Figure.get_width_height() to FigureCanvasBase and return
           int instead of float. - SC

2005-06-18 Applied Ted Drain's QtAgg patch: 1) Changed the toolbar to
           be a horizontal bar of push buttons instead of a QToolbar
           and updated the layout algorithms in the main window
           accordingly. This eliminates the ability to drag and drop
           the toolbar and detach it from the window. 2) Updated the
           resize algorithm in the main window to show the correct
           size for the plot widget as requested. This works almost
           correctly right now. It looks to me like the final size of
           the widget is off by the border of the main window but I
           haven't figured out a way to get that information yet. We
           could just add a small margin to the new size but that
           seems a little hacky. 3) Changed the x/y location label to
           be in the toolbar like the Tk backend instead of as a
           status line at the bottom of the widget. 4) Changed the
           toolbar pixmaps to use the ppm files instead of the png
           files. I noticed that the Tk backend buttons looked much
           nicer and it uses the ppm files so I switched them.

2005-06-17 Modified the gtk backend to not queue mouse motion events.
           This allows for live updates when dragging a slider. - CM

2005-06-17 Added starter CocoaAgg backend. Only works on OS 10.3 for
           now and requires PyObjC. (10.4 is high priority) - CM

2005-06-17 Upgraded pyparsing and applied Paul McGuire's suggestions
           for speeding things up. This more than doubles the speed
           of mathtext in my simple tests. JDH

2005-06-16 Applied David Cooke's subplot make_key patch

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