ANN: matplotlib-0.82

What's new in 0.82

Subplot configuration

  All of the parameters of the subplots are now exposed at the rc,
  pylab and API layout. These are left, right, bottom, top, wspace
  and hspace which control how the subplots are placed on the screen.
  See figure.SubplotParams, figure.Figure.subplots_adjust and the
  pylab method subplots_adjust and examples/ . Also
  added a GUI neutral widget for adjusting subplots, see
  examples/ There is a new toolbar button on GTK*,
  WX* and TkAgg to launch the subplot configuration tool (which uses
  the new matplotlib cross GUI classes discussed below).

  This also makes it easier to make ganged plots -- see

  Note this required a small change to how the toolbar on some GUIs
  are imported; if you are using the mpl API in WXAgg and GTKAgg, see

GUI neutral widgets

  Matplotlib now has cross-GUI widgets (buttons, check buttons, radio
  buttons and sliders). You have to manually create properly sized
  Axes for them to live in, but otherwise they are pretty easy to use.
  See examples/widgets/*.py and This makes
  it easier to create interactive figures that run across backends.

Cap and join style

  Exposes line cap and join style via new rc params and Line2D

    lines.dash_joinstyle : miter # miter|round|bevel
    lines.dash_capstyle : butt # butt|round|projecting
    lines.solid_joinstyle : miter # miter|round|bevel
    lines.solid_capstyle : projecting # butt|round|projecting

Axes kwargs

  All Axes properties are now exposed via kwargs, so you can do, for

   subplot(111, xlabel='time', ylabel='volts', autoscale_on=False,
           xlim=(-1,1), ylim =(0,10) )

Small bugfixes and features:

  Fixed a upper/right tick bug (thanks Baptiste), fixed invalid rc
  docstring vis-a-vis aliases, fixed bug #1217637 in and a
  cleanup bug in usetex (thanks Darren), added Sean Richards hist bin
  fix (see API_CHANGES)