ANN: matplotlib-0.81

I'm still at python 2.3.x. (I don't plan to upgrade until

    > some kind soul makes a scipy WinXP installer for python 2.4)
    > The mpl website still says python 2.2+ is required. Just
    > checking: is that still correct? Will mpl work with python
    > 2.3.x ??

Yes, and there is a windows installer for 2.3 on the mpl website.

    > ... can't wait to try the TeX support!

TeX support is untested on win32. Do you have tex installed on your
XP box? You will also need dvipng for agg (is there a dvipng port for
win32?). My guess is you will run into some troubles, which can
probably be fixed. If you are only interested in postscript, and have
tex, dvips and ghostscript, there is a fighting chance it will work.