ANN: matplotlib-0.80

Every once in a while, when enough new features have been added and
the nasty bugs ironed out, I tick the major version number and post a
matplotlib release to the general python commuity. These releases are
really just bug fix releases of the last release in disguise :slight_smile:

I just uploaded matplotlib-0.80 to the web site. If you folks could
be kind enough to give this a test drive and let me know if you hit
any snags, I'd be much obliged. If all goes well, I'll do the general
release tomorrow.

What's new in 0.80

kwargs to xlim, ylim, axis

  Applied a variant of Rick Muller's xlim/ylim/axis patch. These
  functions now take kwargs to let you selectively alter only the min
  or max if desired. Eg xlim(xmin=2) or axis(ymax=3). They always
  return the new lim. See, eg help(xlim). The same functionality is
  available in the API with ax.set_xlim and ax.set_ylim .

wx fixes

  Fixed a problem with wx app instantiation. Incorporated Werner's wx
  patch -- wx backend should be compatible with wxpython 2.4 and
  recent versions of 2.5. Some early versions of wxpython 2.5 will not
  work because there was a temporary change in the dc API that was
  rolled back to make it 2.4 compliant

Polygon editors

  Added some proof of concept code to show how to use matplotlib to
  interact with plot elements in a GUI neutral way. The editable
  polygon allows you to insert, delete and move vertices. See
  examples/ The idea it to add interactor classes to
  support editable lines, text, polygons, etc. This could support a
  cross GUI colormap editor, or spline editor, for example.