ANN: matplotlib-0.65.1

This is primarily a bug-fix release from 0.65, though a couple of
little features managed to sneak in

- 4x image speedups for large images

- figimage bug fixed

- fixed some bugs which caused the colorbar not to update properly
   when changing colormap interactively

- refactored axes management to support delaxes, which deletes, as
   opposed to clears, a specified axes. Default to current axes

- tkagg's classic and new-fangled toolbars are now embeddable.

- extended the new set/get introspection features to more classes

- fixed some tkagg flakiness on win32 regarding unusual uses of show.

- new cross backend animation idiom in examples/ - use
   interactive mode rather than timers/idle handlers.

- deferred some initializations in dates and colors modules for
   faster load times.