ANN: matplotlib-0.64

This announcement, with links, is available at

What's new in matplotlib-0.64

  * polar plots - polar plots with the polar command. These create a
    axes.PolarAxes instance, which defines the default axes,
    gridlines, etc. Other plot types can be used on polar axes, eg
    scatter. See examples/, examples/
    and screenshot at

  * cairo backend - Steve Chaplin has contributed cairo and gtkcairo
    backends - Cairo is a vector graphics
    library designed to provide high-quality display and print
    output. Currently supported output targets include the X Window
    System, OpenGL, in-memory image buffers, and image files (PNG and
    PostScript). See for
    details and install instructions

  * ipython integration - Fernando has continued his excellent work
    integrating matplotlib with ipython and a number of pylab bugs
    have been ironed out. matplotlib has incorporated ipython's
    numutils in the matplotlib.mlab module - See IPython-0.6.4 - all
    similarities betwen matplotlib and ipython version numbers are
    purely coincidental.

  * Jochen Voss has made a number of bugfixes and improvements to the
    postscript backend, including text layout problems. PS backend
    should now be DSC compliant.

  * xticks and yticks now take kwargs so you can do, for example

        xticks( arange(3), ('Tom', 'Dick', 'Harry'), fontsize=14 )

  * imshow now supports PIL images - see examples/
    Thanks Andrew Straw.

  * barh for horizontal bar charts. See examples/

  * added a verbose class to allow different levels of verbosity - see for details. Eg, you can
    now do

     > python --verbose-helpful

    to get a lot of information about what matplotlib is doing behind
    the scenes, what resource files are being used etc. The default
    verbose settings and file handles for reporting are customizable
    in rc.

  * numerous small bugfixes and improvements: fixes for gcc-3.4, allow
    -dsomeflag where someflag is not a backend, errorbar now accepts
    barsabove to determine the plot order of the errorbar markers and
    lines, fixed a corrcoef bug where args is a matrix, Andrew Dalke
    contributed code to extend the strftime range to the new matplotlib
    date range, fixes to support for python2.2

Downloads at